GNOME 3.20 to Have Separate X11 and Wayland Sessions in Display Manager

The third development milestone towards the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment should be released later today, version 3.19.3, which means that more and more of its core components and apps are being updated each hour.

GDM (GNOME Display Manager) was just updated a few minutes ago, December 16, to version 3.19.2, and we’ve managed to take a look at the internal changelog, which, of course, we have attached at the end of the article for reference, for some new features.

To our surprise, we’ve discovered that the GNOME devs managed to implement quite a few things in GDM 3.19.2, such as the implementation of separate X11 and Wayland sessions, support for hiding the Wayland session if the login screen is powered by X11, as well as the removal of the “custom” session.

Moreover, the gnome-wayland session has been renamed to gnome, the -listen argument is now used for new X.Org Server versions instead of -nolisten, the session mode is now passed to the shell via the environment, and various language translations have been updated.



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