Orca Open Source Screen Reader Gains New Settings and Commands, Web Improvements

The developers of the powerful Orca open-source screen reader and magnifier announced the immediate availability for download and testing of the Orca 3.19.3 release.

According to the internal release notes that have been attached at the end of the article for reference, Orca 3.19.3 is a feature release that adds new settings and commands, such as a GUI option that lets users configure the capitalization style, and support for creating separate cell-vs-row reading options for tables in spreadsheets, text documents, and graphical user interfaces.

Additionally, Orca improves the performance of heading in web pages, especially those that contain embedded styles, of presentations of web listboxes, as well as of non-empty anchors. Among other changes, we can mention support for calling the gdk_notify_startup_complete() function and the ability to use the right voice when generating current line of text.

Several issues have been fixed

Orca 3.19.3 also fixes several issues, such as bugs related to presenting the locus of focus, double-presentation of the top-level GTK+ alerts, treating of series of periods as an ellipsis, filtering of events from the ROLE_FILLER variable because many apps don’t support roles, and verbalization of capitalization or punctuation for system messages.

Last but not least, Orca is now capable of caching the string for selected text (perf.), in addition to caching offsets, adds additional sanity checks for expired applications and objects, and treats the ROLE_PAGE variable as a top-level object during Zombie checks, which also addresses an issue with the Evince document viewer. The Spanish and Portuguese languages have been updated as well.



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