NetworkManager 1.0.10 Lands with Support for Handling VPN Secrets, Bugfixes

The developers behind the NetworkManager open-source network connection manager used in numerous GNU/Linux operating systems, were proud to announce today, December 23, the availability of NetworkManager 1.0.10.

NetworkManager 1.0.10 is the tenth maintenance release in the stable 1.0 series of the software, and according to the internal changelog (attached at the end of the article for reference), it fixes four issues reported by users since the previous build, adds a couple of improvements, and updates various translations.

Among the new features implemented in NetworkManager 1.0.10, we can mention support for handling VPN (Virtual Private Network) secrets to the nmcli and nmtui agents, as well as testing infrastructure improvements. A regression introduced in a previous version, which made the software to ignore external deletion of a master device was fixed.

Furthermore, NetworkManager 1.0.10 addresses various glitches with deprecated versions of the Glib2 library, especially those prior to 2.36.0, repairs a busy retry loop on non-transient errors from the wpa_supplicant software, and add compile support for recent versions of the libsoup library.

Last but not least, the several language translations have been updated, including Italian, Turkish, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Brazilian, Galician, Swedish, and Occitan.



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