Canonical Teases Seamless Swipe Through All Your Ubuntu Apps in Full-Screen

Canonical, the company behind the world’s most popular free operating system, Ubuntu Linux, has announced a few minutes ago, December 28, 2015, an upcoming feature for the Unity desktop environment used in recent versions of Ubuntu.

The brief announcement was made on Ubuntu’s Google+ Page, where Canonical stated that users will be able to seamlessly swipe through all of their Ubuntu Linux applications while in full-screen mode. According to Canonical, the new feature should be available soon in Ubuntu.

“Seamlessly swipe through all your apps on full screen mode – coming soon,” reads today’s announcement, to witch Canonical attached a photo of an Ubuntu Phone device connected to an LCD monitor, as well as Bluetooth keyboard and mouse peripherals.

Unfortunately, at the moment of writing this article, Canonical didn’t provide us with more details about the new feature. Also, that good-looking application switcher was already teased by some of the Ubuntu developers earlier this year. However, it looks like the new feature will be part of the Ubuntu convergence.

It also looks to us that this will be the future of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, and the most probably starting with Ubuntu 16.10, we should see the same Unity interface on both Ubuntu desktop and phone. We will announce more details as soon as we have additional information on the matter.



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