Arch Linux Gets Its First ISO Image for 2016, Finally Moves to Linux Kernel 4.3

In the first day of each month, the Arch Linux developers release of a new ISO image of the fully customizable Arch Linux operating system, bringing the latest software updates released during the month that just passed.

Arch Linux 2016.01.01 is the first ISO image for 2016 and it finally ships with a new kernel version. Linux kernel 4.3.3 is now the default for Arch Linux and it is the latest stable and most advanced kernel version available at the moment of writing this article.

Moreover, the Arch Linux 2016.01.01 ISO includes all the updates that have been released during the month that just passed, December 2015 in this case, as well as fixes for numerous issues reported by users since the previous ISO image.

Of course, existing Arch Linux users don’t need to download the new ISO image of Arch Linux in order to keep their systems up to date, as Arch is a rolling-release operating system, so you only need to run the pacman -Syu command from time to time.

However, those of you who are new to Arch Linux



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