4MLinux 16.0 Enters Beta, Core Edition Uses GCC 5.3.0 and Linux Kernel 4.1.13 LTS

4MLinux 16.0 has entered development, starting today, and the Core edition of the project has been released to testers worldwide, bringing the latest GNU/Linux technologies, such as GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 5.3.0, GNU C Library (GLib) 2.22, BusyBox 1.24.1, and, of course, Linux kernel 4.1.13 LTS.

“This is a core system (only a few MB in size) for the 4MLinux 16.0 series. The system includes: the Linux kernel 4.1.13, GNU C Library 2.22, and BusyBox 1.24.1. The 4MLinux 16.0 series uses GNU Compiler Collection 5.3.0 to compile programs designed for the i686 architecture,” says Zbigniew Konojacki in the email.

Only the Core edition of the 4MLinux operating system is now ready for testing, on which will be used by Mr. Konojacki to build all the rest of the 4MLinux flavors, including, but not limited to, 4MLinux, 4MRescueKit, 4MParted, 4MRecover, BakAndImgCD, Antivirus Live CD, and TheSSS.



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