Solus Linux Operating System to Be Soon Separated from the GNOME Stack

Good news for some, bad news for others, as the Solus OS developers are planning on removing almost everything that is related to the GNOME desktop environment in their independent operating system. As such, they’re currently looking into replacements for the GDM (GNOME Display Manager), GNOME Control Center, Vala, and GNOME Session.

It is not set in stone, but the team is planning to replace the GNOME Display Manager (GDM), which is currently used as the default login manager in the distribution, with LightDM, which is used in Ubuntu and other OSes. Furthermore, they will replace GNOME Control Center elementary OS’ Switchboard.

“We have benefitted extensively from leveraging the work of the GNOME Foundation, their contributors, and in the end the software they produce. However, the relationship with GNOME and downstream has continued to degrade and has made working with GNOME and its contributors difficult,” said Josh Strobl.

Wayland support coming in Solus 2.0

The Solus devs believe that adopting LightDM as the default login manager is a smart move that will benefit the support for the next-generation Wayland display server, which might be implemented in the upcoming Solus 2.0 operating system. Moreover, the team is happy to announce the release of the first Solus User Guide.

The User Guide will most certanly come in handy for new Solus users, as it provided in-depth documentation about how to install Solus, how to use the Budgie desktop, how to manage their systems, as well as various common and advanced tasks. Lastly, several new software have been added, including ExFAT support, and many packages were updated to their latest versions for Solus 1.0.



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