Samba 4.3.4 Has Been Released for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, Fixes 14 Bugs

Samba is a free software that aims to reimplement the SMB/CIFS networking protocol on UNIX platforms, including GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, thus allowing users to access network-shared folders from any Microsoft Windows operating system.

According to the internal changelog for Samba 4.3.4, which has been attached at the end of the article for reference, it’s mostly a bugfix release that patches 14 bugs that have been reported by users since the previous maintenance version of the software.

Samba 4.3.4 aims to provide you with a more stable and reliable SMB/CIFS implementation. Therefore, it reduces the memory footprint for empty string options, and updates the lastLogonTimestamp and lastLogon functions.

Moreover, an issue with the symlink verification has been resolved, the “store dos attributes” feature has been updated to no longer be disabled on-the-fly, and an uncaught exception was fixed in the samba-tool, which occurred when no fSMORoleOwner attribute was set.

Typo fixes, and much more

In addition to the above, the Samba team managed to enable POSIX directory rename semantics for vfs_fruit, add support for “store dos attributes = yes” in the “hide dot files” option, update the async_req library to no longer install async_connect_send_test, and made some improvements for the libsmb library.

Furthermore, a crash that occurred due to bad talloc magic value was patched, and it is now possible to copy files with the vfs_fruit function when using the vfs_streams_xattr feature without type suffix and stream prefix.



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