SteamOS Brewmaster 2.60 Stable Update Ships with a New Linux Kernel, Security Fixes

According to the release notes, the most important thing that was implemented in the new stable update for the SteamOS 2.0 Brewmaster branch is a new Linux kernel package, which promises to fix the issues reported by users about the udeb packaging.

Moreover, SteamOS Brewmaster 2.60 includes all the package and security updates that have been released in the brewmaster_beta channel during the last few months, and, of course, most of the annoying issues have been patched as well.

“This includes all the beta updates released last week as well as a few other minor fixes. A new kernel which fixes some problems in the udeb packaging,” said Valve in today’s announcement.

Chronyd NetworkManager hook, security updates

SteamOS Brewmaster 2.60 now installs the 32-bit version of the libnvidia-encode1 library (libnvidia-encode1:i386) for steamos-autoupdate, if it was not already installed by the user, and adds a chronyd hook to the NetworkManager program.

Last but not least, the new stable SteamOS 2.0 update bumps the kernel ABI for the Debian Installer, and updates the Perl and Sudo packages to fix various security issues reported by users since the previous version.



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