Pre-Alpha of Krita 3.0 Is Now Available for Download, Krita 3.1 Coming Later in 2016

Krita 3.0 has been in development since 2014, and we were promised amazing new features, especially the Qt 5 port of the entire application, which is the main reason it took so long to get a first Pre-Alpha release in the hands of the community. But now we can finally see for ourselves what the fuss is all about.

“More than a year in the making… We proudly present the first pre-alpha version of Krita 3.0 you can actually try to run! So what is Krita 3.0 pre-alpha? It’s the Qt5 port, with animation, instant preview, a handful of new features and portable packages for everyone,” reads today’s announcement.

However, as we understand from the release notes, it appears the Krita 3.0 is an experimental version, which means that it won’t see the light of day ever. Instead, the Krita developers promise to release Krita 3.1 later this year as the first stable and most advanced version of the 3.x series of the software.

What’s new in Krita 3.0 Pre-Alpha

According to the changelog, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, Krita 3.0 Pre-Alpha is a massive release, bringing all the goodies that were implemented last year for the Krita Animation Edition, such as animation drop frame support and the instant preview.

Furthermore, the release comes with tablet handling support, tool improvements, layer enhancements, shortcuts, more animation features, as well as a bunch of minor changes that promise to make a big difference between Krita 3.x and 2.x branches. In the coming weeks and months, we should be able to test more Alpha builds of Krita 3.0.



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