Enlightenment 0.20.3 Linux Desktop Environment Released with over 30 Bugfixes

Enlightenment 0.20.3 is now available for download and comes three weeks after the announcement of the second maintenance release of the lightweight desktop environment for Linux kernel-based operating systems. According to the release notes, which have also been attached at the end of the article for reference, it fixes over 30 bugs reported by users since Enlightenment 0.20.2.

Among the changes, we can mention that the randr dialog is once again capable of correctly applying restore operations, there’s better support for using the xbl_avail variable, and a spelling issue in the .pc file has been fixed. e_grabinput will no longer bypass faulty times, the ecore-x component has been removed from the Wayland build, windows are now being tiled with “Static” gravity, and the winlist directional selection action code is now clearer and simpler.

Wayland support has been improved

Furthermore, Enlightenment 0.20.3 improves the Wayland support, blocks input devices from the backlight list, and implements support for unpopulating all gadcons during shutdown operations. It also adds support for adjusting the frame during the first recalculation of new clients, disables the custom logging while using the eina backtrace, and makes the config pointer of the ibar EINTERN.



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