Latest Manjaro Linux 15.12 Stable Update Adds New Configs for Linux Kernel 4.4 LTS

Manjaro Update 2016-01-18 (stable) is here to update most of the core components and applications to their latest versions. Among these, we can mention the recently released KDE Applications 15.12.1 software suite and KDE Frameworks 5.18.0, but also the Deepin 12.15 packages, and updates to the Mesa, SQLite, Python and Haskell ones.

“We are happy to announce our fourth update for Manjaro 15.12 (Capella),” said Philip Müller on behalf of the Manjaro Development Team. “It is always good to check for updated packages, even we don’t notify you about them. As usual people using our testing branch will help us to get snaps over to our branch almost smoothly.”

New configs were added for Linux kernel 4.4 LTS

The previous stable update for Manjaro Linux 15.12 (Capella) introduced the recently announced Linux 4.4 LTS kernel, but now the Manjaro team added new configurations to make it even more reliable. Additionally, today’s update sees fixes for the KDE Plasma desktop environment, as well as the Qt 5 and e-Speak packages.

Missing firmware has been added to the manjaro-firmware package, the printer stack was updated too, the manjaro-desktop-settings packages were renewed, and the entire repositories have been fully synchronized with the ones of the upstream Arch Linux operating system as of January 17, 2016.

At the moment of writing this article, Manjaro Linux 15.12 (Capella) supports the Linux 3.10.94 LTS, Linux 3.12.52 LTS, Linux, Linux 3.14.58 LTS, Linux, Linux 3.18.25 LTS, Linux, Linux 4.1.15 LTS, Linux, Linux 4.3.3, and Linux 4.4.0 LTS kernels. All users are urged to update their systems as soon as possible if they want to receive the new updates mentioned above.



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