GStreamer 1.6.3 Arrives with Multiple Fixes and Changes

The GStreamer project seems to be going great, and they pushed for a new update a little over a month after the previous one. It’s not as exciting as you might think, but there are a few interesting items in the release.

“The GStreamer team is proud to announce the third bugfix release in the stable 1.6 release series of your favourite cross-platform multimedia framework! This release only contains bugfixes and it is safe to update from 1.6.x,” the announcement reads.

According to the changelog, a regression in GL library that made glimagesink unsable on Android has been corrected, a crash in AAC/ADTS typefinder caused by reading more memory than is available has been fixed, a crash in pcap parser on 0-sized packets has been fixed, calculation of SBC frame lengths is now done correctly, the FFmpeg snapshot has been updated in gst-libav to 2.8.5, a couple of memory leak have been fixed, and lots of other smaller fixes have been implemented as well.

A complete list of architectural changes, new features, and updates can be found in the official changelog



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