Remix OS Now Respects Both GPL and Apache Licenses

Remix OS is based on the Android-x86 project, and that means that it should be using the same kind of licensing. The only exception is made when they add something new to the project, and they want to license that in a different way, but in this case, they were forced to have both GPL and Apache licenses. In fact, Android-x86 uses the same kind of license as the original Android source.

Some users have noticed that Remix OS was licensed only with Apache, and that is a no-go in the Linux community. It turns out that it was just an oversight and that they have been quick to correct the problem, once they became aware of it.

The Remix OS Flash Tool was also in trouble

Besides the ISO image provided for the Remix OS, developers also offered the Remix OS Flash Tool, which allowed Windows users to easily put the OS on a USB stick. It turns out that it’s based on Unetbootin, which is GPL. After being scolded, the Remix OS Flash Tool is now also GPL and the source code is available online.

As for Remix OS, the devs have made sure that the GPL parts integrated in the project are now available to everyone, according to a report on XDA developers.

“We have since discovered that some of the files in the project are under GPL license, and so we will be opening our code modifications up to the public with immediate effect, to ensure that we are fully compliant with GPL. All open source code can be found here – https://github.com/jide-opensource,” the team mentions.

This is an important step for Remix OS, which is trying to establish itself in the community as a powerful alternative.



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