Kwort Linux 4.3.1 Officially Released with Security Patches, Bootloader Improvements

According to the brief release notes published on the project’s website, Kwort Linux 4.3.1 is a minor update that patches various security issues among the pre-installed software packages, improves the installation of the GRUB2 (with and without UEFI support) and LILO bootloaders, now both with LVM support.

Users are being informed by the Kwort Linux developers that the 4.3.1 release includes a tool called kwort-grub-installer, which they can use to automatically install and configure the GRUB2 bootloader. Moreover, Kwort Linux 4.3.1 sees an increase in the boot speed of the ISO image.

“This is minor fix of Kwort 4.3, involving some security upgrades and some improvements in our bootloaders installation. If you want to upgrade from Kwort 4.3 to this new release, you can simply run: kpkg update && kpkg upgrade,” reads the announcement.

If you are currently running the Kwort Linux 4.3 operating system on your machine, you can easily upgrade to the Kwort Linux 4.3.1 release by running the following commands in a terminal emulator app. Otherwise,



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