Birdie Will Be the Best Linux Twitter App for elementary OS

Some of you might know what Birdie is, but many don’t, so we will inform you now that it’s an open-source software project with the main goal of becoming a simple and beautiful Twitter client for the GNU/Linux platform.

Well, we don’t know about that as the development of the application has stagnated in the last two years or so. We remember that, sometime in summer 2013, the Birdie’s developers were seeking money to continue development.

Then, in spring 2014, they announced the release of Birdie 1.1, which is now the latest stable version of the software. One year later, in spring 2015, the Birdie devs disclosed that they were working on the next major release, Birdie 2.0.

Fast forward to present day, and today the development team behind Birdie has revealed that the development of the application will continue only and only for the elementary OS distribution, recommending users of other GNU/Linux OSes to use the Corebird app.

“Today, we are announcing that we will no longer be supporting multiple Linux distributions and desktop environments,” has said Nathan Dyer on behalf of the entire Birdie Team. “To put it bluntly, Birdie is no longer a Twitter app for GNU/Linux; instead, it will be the best Twitter app for elementary OS.”

The best Twitter experience on elementary OS

The Birdie devs are focusing the development of the upcoming 2.0 version of the application on the elementary OS platform for several reasons. First and foremost, there’s the idea that elementary OS appears to play an essential role in making the app look its best.

Additionally, Birdie will be deeply integrated with Pantheon Online Accounts (a spin-off of Ubuntu Online Accounts) and Contractor, a desktop-wide extension service. Of course, this means that if you install Birdie on other Linux platforms than elementary OS, some functionality won’t work as expected.



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