Wine 1.9.4 Released for Linux with Support for More Formats in Direct3D 11

Wine 1.10 will be just as exciting as the Wine 1.8 release was and this new snapshot brings it closer to reality. There are many compelling changes in Wine 1.9.4, with the exception that it introduces support for more formats in Direct3D 11.

Other changes include support for font fallbacks and color glyphs in DirectWrite, WebServices reader improvements, as well as simplification of the syntax and cleaning of tests that have been marked as todo.

According to the release notes, it would appear that a total of 27 changes have been applied to this release, which includes support for more Windows applications and games, as well as various under-the-hood improvements (see below for details).

More Windows 64-bit applications work better with Wine

Among the Windows applications that received improvements in Wine 1.9.4, we can mention UltraISO, Bleem! 1.4, Dolphin Wii/GCN emulator, BitComet 1.37 and previous builds, MinGW installer 0.5-beta-20120426-1, and Saturn PCB Design Toolkit 6.86.

On the other hand, the Ultima IX, Pendulumania, No Limits 2, Jagged Alliance 2 (1.13), XIIZeal (Steam), Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13, and SimCity 4 Deluxe Windows games should now work better with Wine 1.9.4.

Below, we’ve attached the row changelog for our tech-savvy users who want to see what exactly has been changed for each of the aforementioned applications and games, as well as several other technical details.



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