GTK+ 3.18.8 & 3.19.10 Out with RandR 1.5 Fixes, Wayland Startup Notifications

First, the stable GTK+ 3.18 branch has received its eighth maintenance release, which brings only fixes for some of the bugs reported by users since the previous point release of the software.

Among the issues fixed in GTK+ 3.18.8, we can mention a crash in GtkFileChooserWidget, multiple RandR 1.5 issues, such as better image retrieval for Quartz clipboard, and a crash that occurred when Quartz was in full-screen.

Moreover, it is now possible to dismiss the File Chooser dialog when pressing the Esc key, the assistant pages now have paddings that don’t look weird, and the visible area will not be drawn off when editing widgets.

What’s new in GTK+ 3.19.10

On the other hand, the development of the upcoming GTK+ 3.20 toolkit continues at a fast pace, and the 3.19.10 milestone brings in more interesting features, such as improvements to the Windows theme, additional cleanups to the Adwaita theme, and startup notifications for the next-gen Wayland display server.

Furthermore, GTK+ has received support for listing the included backends when the “GDK_BACKEND=help” environment variable is applied. As usual, numerous bugs reported by users since the GTK+ 3.19.9 release have been resolved, along with some updated translations.



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