Beautiful Manjaro Deepin 16.03 Is Now Based on Linux Kernel 4.1

Manjaro Linux distribution is based on Arch Linux, and the project has a build for pretty much all of the desktop environments and window managers out there. The Deepin flavor is just the latest one and it also happens to be one of the most interesting.

Deepin Linux took everyone by surprise with their new and revolutionary desktop environment, and the Manjaro community couldn’t pass the opportunity of adopting the new solution for their distro. It’s pretty different from everything that’s available right now and it’s bound to get a lot of fans.

Manjaro Deepin 16.03 is here

Manjaro Deepin 16.03 features the latest version of Deepin, but that shouldn’t be surprising since all of the Manjaro projects usually live on the bleeding edge.

“For the Manjaro release many packages have been adjusted and customized in close cooperation with Arch-Deepin and Linuxdeepin to make the desktop experience as smooth and responsive as is expected from an Arch-based environment. Manjaro Deepin 16.03 runs the latest state of development of the Deepin project, adding our well tried and tested in-house tools like Manjaro Settings Manager,” wrote the developers.

They also explained that Pamac is used for package management and that they offer a more trimmed down version of the OS for the experienced users.

Here are some of the packages included in the OS: Kernel Linux 4.1, Deepin 15.1, Nautilus 3.18.5 with Sushi file preview, Chromium 48, Evolution, Libre Office Suite 5.1, Gimp 2.8.16, Deepin-Music, Deepin-Movie, Deepin-Terminal, Deepin-Screenshot, Manjaro Printer, and Hexchat.

It’s also worth noting that the Deepin, as a desktop, still has some quirks and bugs, so it might not be smooth sailing.



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